How to Dress for the Cold Weather - Montana Living

Are you wondering how to dress for cold weather? Whether you’re planning a short visit or a move to a cold weather location, you will need to know some basics for staying warm. Let me show you the clothes I wear to stay warm in Montana and even enjoy the snowy outdoors.

Winter Driving - What You Need to Know

Are you wondering how to drive in Winter conditions? Are you considering moving to a snowy location from a sunny locale? Or, are you visiting a snowy destination in Winter? Don’t worry. Once you know a few basics of Winter driving you will be able to maneuver the roads like a pro. These recommendations are geared towards Montana Winter driving conditions, however they can be adjusted as needed for any state.

Don’t Move to Montana if….

OK, so you’ve seen footage of beautiful snow capped mountain peaks, wide open spaces, and crystal clear lakes and it’s easy to envision living in such gorgeous surroundings. But….not so fast. Every relationship or destination has its pros and cons. So, what should one be aware of before moving to Montana?

Montana Living - Moving to Montana - Lakeside, Somers, and Lower Valley City Guides

Lakeside and Somers sit along the Western shore of Flathead Lake and have, in my humble opinion, some of the best valley views over the lake and onto the Swan Mountain range. Their combined population is just over 3,000 residents bringing a small town feel to these lake town communities. The lower valley of Kalispell Montana provides a similar country feel to Creston with great soil, farming, and beautiful mountain views although situated a bit further from the base of the Swan Mountain range. Lower valley boasts a greater number of deciduous trees providing a unique feel and beauty all its own in Spring, Summer, and Fall.

Montana Life - Bigfork and Creston City Moving Guide

Bigfork is a small community of just over 4,000 residents located along the North shore of Flathead lake just 20 miles south of Kalispell Montana. This quaint community is unincorporated meaning it has no ability to raise taxes and relies heavily on donations from residents, businesses, and community organizations. This unique feature gives Bigfork a charm all it’s own. It is one of my favorite locations in Flathead County.

Montana Life - Moving to Montana - Columbia Falls, Hungry Horse, and West Glacier City Guide

Columbia Falls Montana recently surpassed 5,000 residents and sits within a prime location between Glacier National Park, Whitefish, and Kalispell. Just to the West is Hungry Horse, a much smaller community (less than 1,000) with incredible mountain vistas, the well known 564 foot Hungry Horse Dam overlooking a breathtaking reservoir, and is where the paved Gateway to Glacier bike trail begins. West Glacier is an even smaller community located along Highway 2 at the West Entrance to Glacier National Park. In this city moving guide I will discuss housing costs, schools, recreation, amenities, and pros and cons of choosing Columbia Falls, Hungry Horse, or West Glacier over other cities in Flathead County.